Pictures of sohee @ The 1st Wonder in Hong Kong

22 12 2010

Here’s a couple of pictures of sohee at the concert in hong kong!

click for more pictures!


Pictures of Sohee @ The 1st Wonder In Genting

16 12 2010

Anyone here attended the 1st wonder at genting? It was awesome wasn’t it! Sohee’s outfit for EeBabo has always been my personal favourite. I’ll try to search for more pictures if i can! It’s a shame my camera spoilt so i couldn’t take any pictures/videos. Anyway Enjoy!

see what i mean! she looks so cute in this outfit!!

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090321 A Picture Of Sohee @ The 1st Wonder In Busan

22 03 2009

ah~ i haven’t actually looked at the concert pictures so i went on to soompi and happened to see this

aww >.< she’s tearing =/

*looking at the pictures they concert was great!!(of course it is LOL) ^.^ i bet the one in seoul would be even better!! =D*

credits to jas282 @ soompi

090228 [Fancam] SoHee’s Solo Performanced @ Wonder Girls ‘The 1st Wonder’

4 03 2009

hmm this fancam isn’t really shaky so its much better ^.^

credits to + mandoosohee.wordpress(upload)

090304 Wonder Girls ‘The 1st Wonder’ Live In Bangkok With Entertainement TV

4 03 2009

credits to kazaf10 @ youtube

090228 Transcript Of The Skit @ Wonder Girls ‘The 1st Wonder’

1 03 2009

i asked Susan/iloveparkyeeun to translate or make a transcript of the skit.
and shes kind enough to agree no fancams yet of the first half
but here is the translation/transcript of the last part of the skit.

JYP: I’ll give this box to you guys
WG: What is in there?
WG:where are we?
Background Voice: in 3 minutes get on stage
Yoobin: What is he talking about ? where are we ?
Sunye: Guys look!
Yoobin: I think this is serious this isn’t a joke
Sunmi: What is happening
Sunye: The important thing is now we have to get out of here
Sohee: No we cant, didn’t you guys hear? 3 Minutes get on stage!
Sunye: why?
Sohee: i dont know but the guy said get ready in 3 minutes
Sunye: no! Im not doing this! dont even know What’s going on here!
Sunye: and i have to go back to work!
Yeeun: stop telling us what to do! we are here for our selves! and i dont want to go up in the stage with you!
yoobin: WAIT!, Stop arguing lets figure out how to get back first!
Sunmi: Yeah, your too stupid to figuring out on your own!
Yoobin: WHAT?! you want a piece of me is that it?!
Sunmi: Yeah, I said your stupid!
Yoobin: who are you calling stupid!?
Yeeun: stop it! your always like that!
Sohee Singing: we got one night only one night only that’s all we have to spare,
Please for one night only… lets sing like the old times!
Background Voice: Wondergirls is up next!

please credit iLOVEparkyeeun if posted else where!

The Skit :

credits to iLOVEparkyeeun , ll_borderline @ soompi and MallyJung @ youtube

090228 More Pictures From Wonder Girls ‘The 1st Wonder’

1 03 2009

more pictures from the concert!!




credits to pingbook