Wonder Girls – Nobody @ Inkigayo 081130

30 11 2008

the wonder girls were on inkigayo today wearing gold outfits O.o!!

hmm is it me of did yoobin’s voice sound a lil lower than usual?!? O.O

credits to wgsmurf @ youtube

Sohee ‘Secret’ Care For The Members (Gifs)

30 11 2008

by iLOVEsunmi

If i didn’t remember wrongly, there was this Clip that Yeeun mentioned how Sohee takes care of her members quietly & that she will walk to them silently and remove it/tell them…

…here’s some proof of her care for the members!









This is the Ahn Sohee, probably the most misunderstood member ever *sighs


Credits to wonderholic.com

Gif’s of sohee on Music Core 081129

30 11 2008

hahaha what will we do without those people at wonderholic ^.^



Wonder Girls – Nobody @ Music Core 081129

29 11 2008

The wonder girls performed at music core today it was fine except for a lil hiccup =O

credits wondersmurf @ youtube

MiSo moment ^.^

29 11 2008

i found this while i was hovering around soompi HAHAHA…my favourite MiSo couple!! =D

more MiSo pictures here!

Wonder Girls – Chul Chin Note

29 11 2008

Wonder Girls filmed an episode for SBS variety show called “Chul Chin Note” (Best Friend Note?) hosted by Moon Hee jun and Kim Gura earlier this week. I believe it’s a show about stars and their relationships with other stars/or other people. it looks like an interesting show!! so look forward to it ^^ it’ll probably air later next week.

a pic from the filming

((credit 난현아빠 @ byulha)) + wonderkid @ soompi

Gif’s from ivy club cf and music bank

29 11 2008

here are a few gif’s that were posted on wonderholic ^.^

aish sohee’s face got blocked by that logo and ye eun is happily pointing toward us LOL ~.~

*sohee turns with sunmi* hahaha!! miso~

more gif’s here!!