[Project] SoHee’s Birthday Project

27 05 2009

As you all know, sohee’s bithday is coming very soon hence we came up with a mini project for her..its nothing big but i hope you guys will participate in it!

sh bday proj

So all you have to do is:

1) Write a letter to sohee which can be in any format as long as it can be printed out.

2)Please ensure that your letter is at least half a page long.

3)When you’re done, e-mail it to either  best_friends23704@hotmail.com or crystal.shujuan@gmail.com with the subject title as “Sohee’s Birthday Project”

4)Please send your letters in by the 14th of june

Everyone and anyone can join!! Oh and you can write in either english or korean!!

Hope that all of you would be able to join this project!! =D

[Proj] Sohee Birthday Gift & MiSo Couple Project

26 05 2009


As a special collaboration with Sunmijjang.com
We will be participating in this SMALL gift project for both Sohee & Sunmi
We’ll be getting couple gifts for the MiSo couple!
So…MiSo couple fans step right up & take a look over here!

Sohee’s Gift: Ice Princess, Ice Cube Tray and Straw – Total $10


MiSo Couple Gift (2 Sets) : Gloomy Hat & Gloomy Mittens – Total $68

(Suggested by ★♪★(´Д`)★♪★@Sunmijjang.com)


if you would like to help by donating, please leave a comment ^.^

Calling All Singapore Wonderfuls!!

11 05 2009

if you haven’t heard about it, there will be a 2nd outing for wonderfuls living in singapore which would be on the 23rd of may!


for more information go to SgWonderfuls

i hope to see you here! =D

Sohee’s message to wonderfuls

2 05 2009



[★] So Hee –

Hello Wonderfuls, it’s So Hee.

It’s the first time I’m writing a letter like this. Actually, now that I think about it, I have never written a letter before -;

I will greet you by writing my first letter ^^.

How have all the Wonderfuls been doing lately?

I heard that it has been raining in Korea lately, but, here, in New York, fall has passed and is now summer weather.

Regardless, I am relieved that it [the weather] is becoming more refreshing ^^

In addition to sleep hours, food, and geography, I am most concerned about the change in environment [from Korea to America].

I heard that exams are approaching soon so I hope everyone studies hard. Although you may be tired,

remain strong, thinking of your Wonder Girls? Hwaiting!

With that, I will see you next time bye – *

credits to bequietimhappy @ soompi for translations + mandoosohee.wordpress

wow this is something we don’t see everyday haha the way she wrote about what she is concerned about is so cute haha ah~ i hope that she’s fine in NYC too =/ with the out break of the swine flu…they have to take good care of themselves….