Wonderfuls World

29 06 2009


I’ve decided to move over to Wonderfuls World with the other individual wordpresses to work together.

Even though i’m not updating much now because of my exams, i’ll start posting stuff there once i clear them.

Please do support the new site!! =D I’ll update everyone about the sohee birthday project soon.

Happy Birthday Sohee!!

27 06 2009

It’s SoHee’s 17th(18th in korea) birthday!!! Happy Birthday!!!!! =D

so hee306so hee372so hee378
so hee6

she is becoming more and more mature through the years but no matter what we’ll still love her ^.^

i’m sorry i couldn’t do anything much for her but i hope that she will have a very happy birthday =D

and regarding the letter to sohee, i’ll send everyone an e-mail about it sometime soon.

[Preview] Wonder Girls – Nobody(eng ver.)

14 06 2009

The preview of the english version of ‘Nobody’ is out!!!

Download it HERE! what do you think of it?

credits to elaisfangirl @ youtube

Vote For SoHee On MsTwitter World!

2 06 2009

I’m sorry for this late post but in case you do not know…

There is a  ‘poll’ held by twitter to find the best twitterers out there! If you don’t know what Twitter is, it is the new ‘in’ thing among people these days which keeps people who ‘follow’ you updated on what you are doing.

Lets all vote for sohee so that she would be in the Top10!!! MsTwitter World 

By the way, you can only vote once every 20minutes. Hurry! we don’t have much time left!!