[TRANS] Sohee’s Tweets on Twitter

18 09 2010

(From JANEyjk) @WGsohee 야……나랑 김유빈 죽어간다 얼렁 내려와
yaa…me and yubin is going to die come down

(From JANEyjk) @WGsohee 난 좀 짱
I’m only a little jjang

@JANEyjK 우린베스트 – ㅂㅈ
we’re best – ㅂㅈ
(ㅂㅈ – initials to something)

@2AMONG 왠갑자기문자 –
what’s with the sudden text message –

[Source: WGsohee@Twitter]
[Translations: Mandoosohee.wordpress.com]

Pictures of The Wonder Girls @ Alice + Olivia Show

16 09 2010

The Girls attended the Alice&Olivia show last night and they posted a couple of pictures via twitter!

credits: WGyenny and followWG @ Twitter

[TRANS] Sohee’s Twitter Replies

13 09 2010


@milkje 여기도곧비가올듯 –
Trans: it rains over here too –

@iiiik 흠…..
Trans: hmm…..

@WGMARKPD 저 왜 갑자기… 피디님이보고싶은거죠-;;; 히히히
Trans: why do i suddenly… miss you pd-nim-;;; hehehe

@faryoung 양념듬뿍오이무침 – **************
Trans: generous serving of seasoned cucumbers- **************

source: wgsohee on twitter
trans: mandoosohee.wordpress.com

SoHee’s hair by Yenny park!

12 09 2010

“During the fashion week. SO WHAT?! park stylist(YENNY PARK) did my hair today-~kkkk Thanks Yenny-**”

[Source: WGsohee@twitter]

[Credits: mandoosohee]

Pictures of SoHee on YeEun’s Twitter

11 09 2010

YeEun posted pictures of the girls at a shop pretending to be like the mannequin in the shop. they’re sure having fun eh? haha

[Credit: WGyenny, WG_lim@twitter]

[TRANS] Sohee’s Tweets on Twitter

8 09 2010

[Source: WGsohee@Twitter]
[Translations: Mandoosohee.wordpress.com]

Vote For SoHee On MsTwitter World!

2 06 2009

I’m sorry for this late post but in case you do not know…

There is a  ‘poll’ held by twitter to find the best twitterers out there! If you don’t know what Twitter is, it is the new ‘in’ thing among people these days which keeps people who ‘follow’ you updated on what you are doing.

Lets all vote for sohee so that she would be in the Top10!!! MsTwitter World 

By the way, you can only vote once every 20minutes. Hurry! we don’t have much time left!!