Kang Won’s Cyworld Entry

27 12 2008


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Gif’s of SoHee @ Free Style Shoot And Wonder Bakery

25 12 2008

hahaha look at the way sohee is sitting!!! XD


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Wonder Bakery – Wonder Girls Wishing You Merry Christmas

25 12 2008

credits to wonderholic + mandoosohee.wordpress.com

Wonder Bakery Ep 8 12-24-2008

24 12 2008


i just watched the show and…hahaha so hee , ye eun and sun mi in the santa outfit was funny HAHAHA sun mi and her “nose” XD ok i shan’t say too much =X

credits to hweeriric + mandoosohee.wordpress.com

Wonder Girls Spreads Some Christmas Cheer on the Streets

24 12 2008

3 members from popular girl group, Wonder Girls took to the streets of Seoul, dressed up as Santarinas to spread some Christmas cheer as part of their mission in the final episode of Mnet reality program Wonder Bakery.


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Merry Christmas!

24 12 2008

credits: daum + loveyoobin@ mandoosohee.wordpress.com


credits: daum + loveyoobin@ mandoosohee.wordpress.com

New Wonder Bakery Pictures + Download

23 12 2008

New wonder bakery pictures!! ^.^ there are icons too!!! =D


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Wonder Bakery Picture

23 12 2008

 think they had a party after the last day of filming wonder bakery


=D its a waste here’s only 8episodes of wonder bakery =/ so tomorrow’s episode will be the last =(

credits to daum + mandoosohee.wordpress.com

p.s i’m sorry for the tag T.T contact me if you want the original picture =/

Pictures From Wonder Bakery,Free Style Cf Shoot And MBC FM4U Tablo’s Dream Radio

19 12 2008

pictures/gif’s from wonder bakery,free style cf shoot,MBC FM4U Tablo’s Dream Radio(thanks christine ^.^)


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Wonder Bakery Ep7 Gif’s + Download

18 12 2008

DOWNLOAD LINK ADDED!!! at the end of this post ^.^ (the download contains all the gif’s that were posted on wonderholic)

gif’s from episode7!! ^.^


hahaha!! this part was so funny!! sohee’s machine gun!!!

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