NOTE: ok all the links are fine now ^.^please inform me if there’s any problems

*using windows media player classic to view the videos that i upload is better*

i figured that it will be easier to find the stuff that are up for you to download(videos,pictures etc) if i create a download page ^.^

hahaha i’ve arranged them under different categories in order of when i uploaded the file(the latest upload on top and the older uploads below)

p.s please tell me if the link isn’t working @.@


Kpop Stars : ‘Happy New Year’ Message

071225 Wonder Girls – 썸머징글벨 + Ee babo @ Show Music Tank

2008 Golden Disk Awards Wonder Girls Fancam

2008 Golden Disk Awards Wonder Girls Fancam(the one with taeyeon)

[Performance] 4th Korea Sports Industry Awards 081204

081204 M.countdown Nobody & Anybody

[short clip] YTN star news reporting about sunmi and her cat mango<- lol its just a really short clip i found on wonderholic about sunmi and her cat but i uploaded it anyway @.@…don’t know if anyone is interested to see it ~.~

Wonder Bakery Ep5 part1/2

Wonder Bakery Ep5 Part 2/2

Kim Yuna, Wonder Girls, Battle – Ivy Club CF B (30s)

Wonder Bakery xmas shoot interview

081101 Shim Shim Ta Pa – SoHee,SunMi,YooBin<- i don’t know where i should classify this under so i put it here XD…you can’t see them you can only hear their voices ^.^

IVY club interview2

IVY club interview1

Wonder Girls Message Starry Night Radio 0810

Wonder Girls – Unaired Mnet My Favourite 08111

Sun Ye Message for Wonderfuls @ MC Mong Radio Show 081015

So Hee Calls The Wonder Girls @ Shim Shim Ta Pa 081030 (english subbed)

Wonder Girls 2nd Fanmeeting @ Section TV

Wonder Girls 2AM – The Making of TBJ Winter 2008 Photoshoot

Kim Yuna, Wonder Girls, Battle – IVY club CF


sohee picture spam6

sohee picture spam5


sohee xmas spam

Wonder Bakery(Pictures+Icons)

sohee picture spam4

Close Notes Gif’s/Pictures

Wonder Bakery Ep7 gif’s

Wonder Bakery Ep7 ScreenCaps

[Picture] 10magazine – Wonder Bakery

Ivy Club Gif’s

wonder bakery ep4 pictures

ivy club pictures(note i forgot to add a few pictures in here T.T

wonder bakery ep2 pictures

vita500 pictures

so hee tango @ mkmf pictures

more mkmf pictures

mnet wide news pictures

so hee on red carpet @ mkmf pictures


ye eun’s sendvoice reply

so hee’s sendvoice reply

15 responses

5 01 2009

My name is dear.I’m come from thailand.I live in bankkok.I’m a girl.YOU ARE CUTE AND BEAUTIFUL.BYE

5 01 2009


15 02 2009

Hello, I can’t understand how to add your blog ( ) in my rss reader

22 02 2009

@.@ i don’t know how to too =/ sorry

13 03 2009
Kofi Yorke

expeting your mail. wish you all the best and hope we can become great friends.

25 03 2009

My nickname is Dedee. I’m 14 year old. I’m come from thailand. I’m live in Nakhonsawan. I want to see you again. You are so cute and beautiful. Bye

10 04 2009

if u read this comment.i need to tell you
i really adore Ahn So Hee i’ll support you forever.
Um mm i’m wonderful thailand ^^

13 04 2009

thank you very much . for everyting .

20 04 2009

hi sohee!!!!i am from mongolia!!!!!i like sing wondergirls songs~~~~~~~can wonder girls!~!!!concert in mongolia

20 04 2009

SOHEE!!!!i love you!!he he

28 05 2009

Hi’ Sohee!!! I Want to see you again.

You are so cute and beautiful. I Love You Very Much, Bye Bye.

6 07 2009

Sohee ah~ miss u a lot:(

13 07 2009

please keep active this site ~
We love Sohee and hopefully she may come this site:x

19 07 2009

hahaha i’m sorry this site won’t be updated anymore =/ i’ve moved over to i will start posting there after my exams ^.^

22 07 2009

Ok:( I’ll support u at wonderfulsworld:D i wanna see more things about my Mandoo:* kekekeke
Oh~ hope u will do ur test well:)
Thanks a lot for sharing us a great site !

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