More Pictures Of SoHee In School

8 02 2009

more picture of sohee in school!!! ah~~ she’s sleeping again…she must be really tired >.<


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[NEWS]Candid Pics of SH at School Draw Attention, 090122

22 01 2009

‘Wonder Girls’ SoHee, It’s Hard Going to School~

Candid pictures taken of the Wonder Girls’ SoHee at school are becoming the subject of conversation.

SoHee, who is currently attending high school, was actually a student before ever coming to hold the position of being a singer.

A variety of photographs—which offer a glimpse into what school-life must be like for SoHee—have been made public on the Internet and are drawing attention.

SoHee, who boasts the most popularity among the Wonder Girls members, has had her picture taken without her knowing it, often when she is looking away.

The sight of SoHee wearing her school uniform—perhaps the photographing can’t be helped because she is so cute?

Popularity is nice, but SoHee’s school-life seems like it can’t be that easy.

[Source: YTN Star]

[Translation: ppopki@wgspectacle]

[Photos] Sohee in school

8 12 2008

This is…scary o.O
Look at the havoc >.< she dont even dare to look up!
poor sohee ):

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SoHee Stalker Photos In School

7 12 2008
^.^ people posted pictures of sohee in her new school!!! =D ah~~ its a good thing that she attends an all girls school…imagine what will happen to her if she’ in a mixed school *phew*

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