SoHee Stalker Photos In School

7 12 2008
^.^ people posted pictures of sohee in her new school!!! =D ah~~ its a good thing that she attends an all girls school…imagine what will happen to her if she’ in a mixed school *phew*

credits to daum +




7 responses

7 12 2008

lol…stalkers are everywhere….

7 12 2008

hahaha but its ok…it looks like everyone’s crowding around her @.@ if only i could go to the same school as her HAHAHA but she looks happy to be in school with her friends….sitting there eating ^.^

8 12 2008

oh mah goodness. lol.
loads of stalkers o.o
her lucky schoolmates ><

9 12 2008

have u guys seen the videos of her graduation???
i teared up, cuz people were crowding her…it was
really sad…cuz u could tell she wanted to be left alone.

9 12 2008

ya…i think that she just wants to graduate normally like all the other students in korea…i believe all the other members want to do that too but with all the attention they’re getting…they can’t…
she doesn’t know what she should do in situations like these so she just kept her head down @.@ she did the same when she came to singapore..she just kept her head down and walked =/

10 12 2008

it’s good to see her normal life as student

18 12 2008

oh mandoo so cute lol

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