[Pics] Sohee at “LoveSick” MV Premiere

3 11 2010

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[Pics+Gifs] Sohee performing 2DT on Happy Camp

18 09 2010

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[TRANS] Sohee’s Tweets on Twitter

18 09 2010

(From JANEyjk) @WGsohee 야……나랑 김유빈 죽어간다 얼렁 내려와
yaa…me and yubin is going to die come down

(From JANEyjk) @WGsohee 난 좀 짱
I’m only a little jjang

@JANEyjK 우린베스트 – ㅂㅈ
we’re best – ㅂㅈ
(ㅂㅈ – initials to something)

@2AMONG 왠갑자기문자 –
what’s with the sudden text message –

[Source: WGsohee@Twitter]
[Translations: Mandoosohee.wordpress.com]

[Pics] Sohee Caps and Gif for EXR Pucca Interview

17 09 2010

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[TRANS] Sohee’s Twitter Replies

13 09 2010


@milkje 여기도곧비가올듯 –
Trans: it rains over here too –

@iiiik 흠…..
Trans: hmm…..

@WGMARKPD 저 왜 갑자기… 피디님이보고싶은거죠-;;; 히히히
Trans: why do i suddenly… miss you pd-nim-;;; hehehe

@faryoung 양념듬뿍오이무침 – **************
Trans: generous serving of seasoned cucumbers- **************

source: wgsohee on twitter
trans: mandoosohee.wordpress.com

Sohee performing at Seattle concert [HQ]

13 09 2010

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[Photos] Sohee is cuter than Pucca!!

8 09 2010

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[Credit: Mandoosohee]

[TRANS] Sohee’s Tweets on Twitter

8 09 2010

[Source: WGsohee@Twitter]
[Translations: Mandoosohee.wordpress.com]

[Proj] Sohee Birthday Gift & MiSo Couple Project

26 05 2009


As a special collaboration with Sunmijjang.com
We will be participating in this SMALL gift project for both Sohee & Sunmi
We’ll be getting couple gifts for the MiSo couple!
So…MiSo couple fans step right up & take a look over here!

Sohee’s Gift: Ice Princess, Ice Cube Tray and Straw – Total $10


MiSo Couple Gift (2 Sets) : Gloomy Hat & Gloomy Mittens – Total $68

(Suggested by ★♪★(´Д`)★♪★@Sunmijjang.com)


if you would like to help by donating, please leave a comment ^.^

[Photos] Sohee Sleeping again?

15 02 2009


Poor thing 😦

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