Photos of the Wonder Girls at Anna Sui

16 09 2010

The girls also attended Anna sui’s show! Here are a few pictures

and here’s one more picture from the Alice + Olivia show

Source: getty images

Photos of the Wonder Girls at Jeremy Scott’s Show

16 09 2010

The girls attended Jeremy Scott’s show last night and here are the pictures!! (SoHee looks so cute with her hair and outfit!!)

Source: ITSJEREMYSCOTT@Twitter,, Getty Images

Credits: Mandoosohee.wordpress

Pictures of The Wonder Girls @ Alice + Olivia Show

16 09 2010

The Girls attended the Alice&Olivia show last night and they posted a couple of pictures via twitter!

credits: WGyenny and followWG @ Twitter

Pictures Of the Wonder Girls During Fashion Week

13 09 2010

As you all know, girls attended this week’s fashion week! I’m sure they had a lot of fun and they even got to meet Leighton Meester! (i’m so jealous!!)

I’m sure they were more than happy to meet her! Look at how happy Sohee looks! She must love gossip girl a lot!

Credits: Getty Images, FollowWG@Twitter

Guess what?? SoHee received her driver’s license!!

11 09 2010

Sohee recently received her driver’s license along with YooBin!! The both of them wrote a thank you note for the school along with their autographs.

doesn’t she look so cute here?? hahaha

special thanks to krysti for reminding me about this!!

[Credit: wonderfulsworld]

Pictures of SoHee on YeEun’s Twitter

11 09 2010

YeEun posted pictures of the girls at a shop pretending to be like the mannequin in the shop. they’re sure having fun eh? haha

[Credit: WGyenny, WG_lim@twitter]

[Photos] Sohee is cuter than Pucca!!

8 09 2010

[Source: Newsen]
[Credit: Mandoosohee]

[Info] Wonder Girls Moving to NEW YORK on 1st April

1 04 2009


Wonder Girls

will be arriving

at JFK Airport

at 8pm

on 1st April 2009

Reason: To makes the girls feel welcome to their new home

PLEASE PM Dorkiee at Soompi or Spectacle forums to confirm if you’re going to welcome the girls at the airport.


090320 Welcome To Wonderland Ep5&6

21 03 2009







credits to hweeriric @ youtube