Sohee ‘Secret’ Care For The Members (Gifs)

30 11 2008

by iLOVEsunmi

If i didn’t remember wrongly, there was this Clip that Yeeun mentioned how Sohee takes care of her members quietly & that she will walk to them silently and remove it/tell them…

…here’s some proof of her care for the members!









This is the Ahn Sohee, probably the most misunderstood member ever *sighs


Credits to




6 responses

1 12 2008

Hais , quite amazed and surprised.
I thought she was the most abnoxious member.
but i was wrong .

ASH hwating hahahahha !

1 12 2008

There’s this picture from MKMF of Sohee wiping Sunmi’s tears.
I have to find that pic 😀

1 12 2008

O.o!! you’re looking for that picture?? hahaha i’ve got it ^.^ i’ll upload it later after my class LOL

2 12 2008

aish! its true!

i have never openly disliked any member
or disliked any of them but ive got to say
that i did not hold Sohee in the highest respect
when i began to like the WG’s but
when the bashing started i defended her
out of my love for the whole group and
when i got to know her more and more i began
to liker her more and more and now i equally
love them all, because theyre all individuals
not one is the same and her personality is more
reserved and quiet, i feel that she’s the type of
person that if people dont know her well
they wont appreciate her because they will
misunderstand her shyness for rudeness,
although i dont think that she is shy, she just
doesnt like to be in the spotlight so much,
i just think its exagerated how much theyre
always asking her to speak for the whole group
when she is still young…

2 12 2008

I have that gif under this post ^^

5 12 2008

Thanks sooo much! I had trouble finding it. lol
miso = love 🙂

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