So Hee Responds To Sendvoice Message 081120

29 11 2008

Remember the Sendvoice service that the Wonder Girls advertise a few months ago? Well, basically the fan gets to leave a message for the Wonder Girls through this, much alike a voicemail or answering machine.

The following is So Hee’s reply to a fan recorded on 20th November.

ah~ i can’t insert the aduio clip in here LOL!!(aish i’m still a noob at this @.@) so i’ve uploaded the clip into mediafire instead download it here ^.^ sorry for the trouble~ =/

So Hee’s reply (starts from 1:32)

Hello/How are you Young Hwan dongseng? This is So Hee. You saw me when I went to a university event? Then I guess we’re close now, huh? Rather than calling you Young hwan-sshi(formal), may I call you Young Hwan-dongseng? or Young Hwan-ah? I’ll just go ahead and all you Young-Hwan-dongseng (dongseng = younger sibling)! Young-hwan dongseng, you know that we, Wonder Girl noonas, go to a lot of university events, right? You should have told me which university you saw us in…OH right! let’s clear up that misunderstanding. I did not stare you down. I, So Hee, know how our fans truly feel..but Young-hwan dongseng doesn’t seem to know nuna’s true feelings…

I’m just joking! Of course I know, I can even hear the cheers from inside the practice room. Oh! and, I hope you enjoy your trip to China and please come back safely! Don’t get sick without So Hee nuna’s permission. Young hwan dong seng, should I leave you the same cheesy message you left me? Young hwan dongseng, I love youu too~ I make it sound a little more cheesier, right?

credits to Wonder Girls Wonderland + Wonderkid for the translation

oh and..i wanted to post ye eun’s clip too but since this is a so hee wordpress i don’t think i should =X but i’ll just post the link for the clip up ^.^

Ye Eun’s reply (starts from 2:21)




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