090228 Transcript Of The Skit @ Wonder Girls ‘The 1st Wonder’

1 03 2009

i asked Susan/iloveparkyeeun to translate or make a transcript of the skit.
and shes kind enough to agree no fancams yet of the first half
but here is the translation/transcript of the last part of the skit.

JYP: I’ll give this box to you guys
WG: What is in there?
WG:where are we?
Background Voice: in 3 minutes get on stage
Yoobin: What is he talking about ? where are we ?
Sunye: Guys look!
Yoobin: I think this is serious this isn’t a joke
Sunmi: What is happening
Sunye: The important thing is now we have to get out of here
Sohee: No we cant, didn’t you guys hear? 3 Minutes get on stage!
Sunye: why?
Sohee: i dont know but the guy said get ready in 3 minutes
Sunye: no! Im not doing this! dont even know What’s going on here!
Sunye: and i have to go back to work!
Yeeun: stop telling us what to do! we are here for our selves! and i dont want to go up in the stage with you!
yoobin: WAIT!, Stop arguing lets figure out how to get back first!
Sunmi: Yeah, your too stupid to figuring out on your own!
Yoobin: WHAT?! you want a piece of me is that it?!
Sunmi: Yeah, I said your stupid!
Yoobin: who are you calling stupid!?
Yeeun: stop it! your always like that!
Sohee Singing: we got one night only one night only that’s all we have to spare,
Please for one night only… lets sing like the old times!
Background Voice: Wondergirls is up next!

please credit iLOVEparkyeeun if posted else where!

The Skit :

credits to iLOVEparkyeeun , ll_borderline @ soompi and MallyJung @ youtube




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