Cabal Online – Tell Me Dance

29 03 2009

i don’t know if any of you know about this but…my brother was playing cabal awhile ago and noticed a character dancing tell me so i went to look for videos and..tada!

this video only show the dance from 0:00-1:22 but this video is a little better…

credits to front773 and softpianoplayer93 @ youtube

ok for those people who don’t normally play online games like me, Cabal Online (카발 온라인) is a MMORPG game just like Maple SEA, Runescape, World Of Warcraft etc. personally i got a shock when i saw the character dancing to tell me it didn’t occur to me that a game like this would have their dance ^.^

oh and for those of you who want to know how to dance the dance in the game, you just have to key in “/dance2” and press enter on the chat bar ^.^




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30 03 2009

LOL….omg… this video make me want to play back cabal…lol…omona!…XD

30 03 2009

This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

30 03 2009
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30 03 2009

oi tudo bem muito bom esse video do cabal online eu jogo o elitecabal

30 03 2009

lol, interestin

30 03 2009

O.O Olá! Eu não sei Português então eu estou usando um tradutor … Desculpe se estiver errado yup =/ O vídeo é grande, mas eu não jogar este jogo embora …Então eu não sei nada sobre isso @.@

30 03 2009

Lol haha i miss Cabal so much now >_<
actually i know WonderGirls from Cabal ._.
i saw the dance move so fun, and i heard people said it was Wondergirls’ tell me so i go youtube search for WONDERGIRLS ! and i become a Wonderful 😀 tetetete tell me~!

30 03 2009

O.O cool!! actually i got a shock when i saw the character dance tell me hahaha!!

17 06 2009
JChill ;D

I used to play this game last time x)
Now i miss it !

They have wonder girls` tell me dance there.
i think they even have super junior`s dont don there xD
not so sure though.

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