[PICTURES + STREAM ] So Hee To Be Featured In 8Eight’s New MV – Empty Hearts

9 03 2009


Here’s some pictures from the shooting set


[credits: wonderholic + mandoosohee.wordpress.com]




3 responses

9 03 2009

Sohee is very beautiful … love love love mandoo^^

9 03 2009

yeah sohee!!!! love her!!!

thnx for the update…. i hope we can make a forum for sohee just like the forum of yeeun…

*sorry for my bad english*

10 03 2009

haha nah you’re english isn’t bad!! ^.^
hmm i’ve thought about making a forum too but…currently i don’t have that much time on my hands…at least for these few months until my exams are over =/

are interested in making a forum for sohee? hmm…i could make one if i have people to help me run it for this period of time but it’ll be tiring for whoever who helps me as i am unable to really monitor and post in the forum if i have one… =/ hmm…maybe you could add me on msn and we could talk more about this?

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