090115 SoHee Numéro Photoshoot

15 01 2009

pictures rom her Numéro photoshoot!! ah!! so sexy!!



credits to star news



5 responses

15 01 2009

wow!so hee looks so different….but she’s still look pretty!

15 01 2009

1st photo she look like G Dragon
i like 2nd pic more..more feminine

15 01 2009

so kool
anyone can tell me what’s Numero
only So Hee on this ?

16 01 2009

the second picture was sexay~~our sohee is growing up~~

but i honestly feel that the first pic was kinda weird thou, not that it was sohee’s fault .. i mean what was the photographer thinking????????? grrr such a spoiler…

17 01 2009

reminds me of those people in how the grinch stole xmas in the first pic LOL
but good pics🙂
She’s gonna become just like yoon eun hye…🙂

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