7 01 2009

scan0002By : Serena

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i know i haven’t been updating this wordpress for quite some time now…but not to fear! it doesn’t mean that i’ve forgotten about it! i’ll still update when i can but till then i’ll be on hiatus for now…thank you for checking out this wordpress even though i haven’t updated much! i’ll be back as soon as i can!! if you have and questions you can add me on msn(about section)…i’ll be online to help you answer your questions ^.^




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8 01 2009

Hello Joyce! Im taking my O’s too this year. :))
But I reallyreally wish and hope that you will not stop doing this.
You are great on updating on WonderGirls!! I really appreciate it.
But i really hope you wont go missing 😀

Anw, lets play hard and also mug hard for the O’s. Haha

8 01 2009

whoa joyce O_O u are madoo wp??LMAO sorry idk

anyway, GOOD LUCK for your O lvl.its like spm for me lol. AND U TOO I♥WG !!


and T___T im starting my college too so rarely be here or spec etc (lol i am already RARELY here ^^) but ill sneak in sometimes for updates.

ohh n THANX for your effort to keep updates although the O’s is coming. bye bye !!

8 01 2009

ohh i forgot to add this >>

I’ll be here more often.MORE MORE MORE MORE often ^^


8 01 2009

hahaha!! thank you!!! yes i’m trying not to go missing …..but the thing is i’m gonna be flooded with remedials >.< aigoo~~ anyways good luck for the O’s too!! study hard and do well!!! ^.^

8 01 2009

hahaha!! aziz XD thank you!!! =D college >.< *claps* study hard!! thank you for coming here for updates =D hahaha i’m not that active on spec too =/ i’m trying to go on when i have the time hahaha

17 01 2009

hey joyce,! good luck on your studies and all…
so i guess you’re not in college?? hmm i dont know christine told me she will stat on april…
oh goodness i know how it feels to be busyT__T you can do it!

17 01 2009

all the best for your exam..
if you get stress on your studies
please be relax with updating some news
tank U

3 03 2009
3 03 2009
27 03 2009

sohee is so cute!!!!XD…anyway jiayou for ur olvls!…=D

29 03 2009

haha thanks!! ^.^ yes sohee is really very cute!!! >.<

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