Merry Christmas Everyone!! =D

25 12 2008



hahaha i hope you’ll enjoy your christmas ^.^ here’s a video you might or might not have seen before =D

and since its christmas…this video fits in perfectly ^.^



hahaha the different faces of sohee!



DOWNLOAD PICTURE SPAM <- click to download the picture spam ^.^

DOWNLOAD THE FIRST VIDEO <- click to download the first video that’s at the top of this post ^.^ *note : the video is in MP4 format*

anyone want the first video in mp4 format too?? @.@

credits to daum + jype @ youtube +

and if you’re wondering what i did for my own friends..well..i made christmas “cards” for them


ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ i didn’t have time to buy presents for them so i made these “cards” and delivered them to their houses ^.^ hahaha

may all of you wonderfuls out there have a blessed christmas!! ^.^



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