Vita 500 Picture

15 12 2008

hmm i found ths picture but i’m not quite sure if its a new or old picture….it looks like a newspaper cutting…but i’m guessing that its a new picture because there’s snow?? hahaha but i might be wrong though…anyone have any idea if its a new picture or not?? =/

credits to rising ash +




4 responses

15 12 2008

it looks new! LOL I’ve never seen it before xD

15 12 2008

O.o really?? hahaha ya i’ve never seen it before too @.@

15 12 2008

judging from their hair styles/color, it’s new…ish!

15 12 2008

its new…goes w ago…with the pics we got a few weeks ago
thank you for sharing …mandoo <333333333

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