Wonder Girls Make 10-Magazine’s 2008 “10 People” List

7 12 2008

The girls’ Wonder Year that is So Hot that Nobody can match them

Last year when “Tell Me” dealt a heavy blow to the entire nation, the Wonder Girls suffered from all sorts of rumors and shocked reactions at their singing abilities instead of receiving the popularity they deserved. In June 2008, as soon as the single album “So Hot” was released for sale, people reacted with skepticism at the retro concept’s dated clothing and repetitive chorus. However, no one was deterred by the lyrics that are only complaints about “Mommy, why did you give birth to me this (pretty) way / so I’ve become tired of my life”, and “So Hot” with no doubt achieved success and conquered every kind of chart. And in September 2008, a mini album was released for sale and as soon as “Nobody” was revealed, the criticism ran dry all by itself. The Wonder Girls each became the nation’s idols that lived up to their name. That perfection was high through the straightforward-repetitive melody, elaborately-composed choreography, and especially the dramatically-styled clothing.

The Wonder Girls’ performance embodies everything with the scale that is not like a teenage girl group and the existence they have. Not only that, they shed their former sweetness. So they played the role of a protector and let people know that the swiftly growing-up teenage girls are already women as even the lyrics changed overnight to being buried in the feelings of a sad woman. Changing, growing, and succeeding in this time, even through there were trials for the Wonder Girls, there was no failure. And it is certain that the Wonder Girls’ year 2008 that had them as prominent figures with abundant rewards may be known as the Wonder Years.


CREDIT to Kay @ wgjjang.wordpress.com for the painstakingly long translation.




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7 12 2008

some great news… Mandoo, you and your girls are going so well…may u continu to d so <333

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