Wonder Girls @ Mnet Wide Entertainment News 081126

28 11 2008

The Wonder Girls revealed that the person they most wanted to have a special stage with was global popstar Rain. Sun Mi expressed, “We also want to be on wire (Rain had made his entrance on wire for his performance) and it seems to be a very fantasy-like thing to be doing the wire thing together with Rain.” When asked by the MC what concept would Sun Mi have while doing the wire thing, she replied, “It would be great if we wore taekwondo uniforms while doing that”, showing her 4-dimensional character once again.

They also talked about Big Bang and Lee Hyori special performance, especially the kiss between T.O.P. and Hyori which made headlines for several days. The Wonder Girls were also very envious of Lee Hyori’s sexiness.

The Wonder Girls also revealed behind the stories snippets from the 2008 MKMF. The Wonder Girls who teared freely after winning the big award expressed, “Although we have the desire, but we really never thought we would also win the Daesang (Song of the Year) after winning Best Female Group and MV. Compared to on stage, we teared even more off the stage.”

They also talked about what happened after winning the awards. They got a call from their boss Park Jin Young who was in America, “Congratulations. Must work even harder”, showing encouragement. The Wonder Girls expressed, “Usually we just eat side pork but we ordered spare ribs that day.”

credits coolsmurf @ Wonder Girls Wonderland




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