[TRANS] Sohee’s Tweets on Twitter

18 09 2010

(From JANEyjk) @WGsohee 야……나랑 김유빈 죽어간다 얼렁 내려와
yaa…me and yubin is going to die come down

(From JANEyjk) @WGsohee 난 좀 짱
I’m only a little jjang

@JANEyjK 우린베스트 – ㅂㅈ
we’re best – ㅂㅈ
(ㅂㅈ – initials to something)

@2AMONG 왠갑자기문자 -
what’s with the sudden text message -

[Source: WGsohee@Twitter]
[Translations: Mandoosohee.wordpress.com]

[Pics] Sohee Caps and Gif for EXR Pucca Interview

17 09 2010

s: byulha
c: as tagged

[TRANS] Sohee’s Twitter Replies

13 09 2010


@milkje 여기도곧비가올듯 -
Trans: it rains over here too -

@iiiik 흠…..
Trans: hmm…..

@WGMARKPD 저 왜 갑자기… 피디님이보고싶은거죠-;;; 히히히
Trans: why do i suddenly… miss you pd-nim-;;; hehehe

@faryoung 양념듬뿍오이무침 – **************
Trans: generous serving of seasoned cucumbers- **************

source: wgsohee on twitter
trans: mandoosohee.wordpress.com

[TRANS] Sohee’s Tweets on Twitter

8 09 2010

[Source: WGsohee@Twitter]
[Translations: Mandoosohee.wordpress.com]

[PICTURES + STREAM ] So Hee To Be Featured In 8Eight’s New MV – Empty Hearts

9 03 2009


Here’s some pictures from the shooting set


[credits: wonderholic + mandoosohee.wordpress.com]

[PICTURE] So Hee @ Ivy Club Event Picture

5 02 2009

A new picture of So Hee from ivy club


[credits: ivy club + mandoosohee.wordpress.com]

Wonder Girls Spreads Some Christmas Cheer on the Streets

24 12 2008

3 members from popular girl group, Wonder Girls took to the streets of Seoul, dressed up as Santarinas to spread some Christmas cheer as part of their mission in the final episode of Mnet reality program Wonder Bakery.


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Merry Christmas!

24 12 2008

credits: daum + loveyoobin@ mandoosohee.wordpress.com


credits: daum + loveyoobin@ mandoosohee.wordpress.com

Wonder Girls 1st Solo Concert In Korea

24 12 2008


Date: February 14, 2009 (6 pm),
Location: Jamsil Olympic Fencing Stadium
Total capacity: 6,890 seats
VIP seats: 1,662 seats (1F)
* This is likely to change : VIP Seating Capacity
Economy: 5,228 seats (1st floor, 3rd floor)
VIP seats: 79,000 won
Economy: 55,000 won
Ticketing: Starting from Jan 8

credits to kimyoobin.wodpress.com + mandoosohee.wordpress.com

anyone going? @.@ all these information about their concerts are making me jealous of the people who are going >.<

MiSo Sharing Boots?!?! hahaha

23 12 2008

sohee and sunmi sharing boots??


hahaha!!! i found sohee’s boots in this crown bakery picture familiar at first but i didn’t think much of it until i saw people comparing these two pictures hahahaha!!! miso <3 they seem to like sharing their things XD

credits to mandoosohee.wordpress.com


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